Wednesday, November 14, 2007

About the book

For awhile now I've wanted to make a point of how difficult it has been deciding on the format of the book I am creating. One of the biggest things is deciding how to classify a snowglobe. Should the categories be based on format (minis, deluxe, domes, bubble, hourglass, etc) or by film/character. The answer turns out to be some of both. For the most part I've decided to lay the book out by film/character/theme park and whenever possible list them in chronological order by the year the globe was first available. Many globes however dont fit in a film/character category very easily. What about the globes that have a lot of different characters? That one was easy, I created a category called group. There will also be sections for Princesses, Villians & the Fab 5. I decided Christmas should have its own category and ended up including any scenes that depicted winter activities even if it wasnt a Christmas globe in an attempt to make it easier to look up globes in the book. And that brings us to the current Bambi globe depicted in the last post. It's a winter scene but really should be in the Bambi section since it is a scene from the movie. I've also listed the hourglass globes all together because of the unusual format of the globe. I am currently wondering if I should do the same for the recent series of cups that have snowdomes built into the bottom and the squishable bubble globes. What do you think?


lexy1224 said...

I definately think you should put the cups with the domes in a separate section.

zapjones said...

Thanks for your input. I am leaning towards doing just that. I believe the squishy bubble globes should be in their own category as well.