Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Ratatouille snowglobe that DisneyShopping.com debuted on their website a few days ago is allready gone from their website. Sold Out? Mistake? Small shipment? I dunno but I would suggest that if you see one in a Disney Store that you grab it.

New Disney Snowglobe - Tinker Bell

The latest in DisneyShopping.com's personalized snowglobe series is Tinker Bell.

Top Ten Update - Song of the South

The Song of the South snowglobe that was previously on the top ten list has reappeared on the list at the #6 spot. It sold for $375.02 and knocked the Chronicles of Narnia snowglobe off the list. A Disney snowglobe now has to sell for at least $312 just to make it onto the list. The current TOP TEn can be seen here.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Mouskavision is now featuring the Donald Duck cartoon Trick or Treat plus a few other Disney spooks you might find interesting.

Disney Snowglobe - Christmas Pooh

This one is now appearing on DisneyShopping.com but it is a Disney Store globe so most likely is also available in the stores. It's different. I have a feeling I would like it if I saw it in person but its hard to tell by the picture. I find it interesting that it doesn't have more of the characters.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Disney Snowglobes - Ratatouille

DisneyShopping.com came out with a set of princess snowglobe ornaments today. They are 24.50 for a set of 4. They appear to be of the waterless variety with loose "snow" in the bottom of the ornament.
Also, debuting today is Ratatouille's first deluxe globe. It is 79.50. It has a blower and plays "April in Paris"
Have I mentioned that Ratatouille is a terrific movie? That you should preorder it now for the November 6th release by clicking on this amazon link and getting it for only $15.99? Maybe you should buy 5 or 6 and give them as Christmas gifts! Ok, I'll shut up now.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disney SNowglobes - now at walmart

While at Walmart today I took a few minutes to stroll through the Christmas decor which is still in the finishing touches of being put up. I found lots of Disney snowglobes.
The 3 Princess globes that I found pics of on ebay are waterless but play music and have a blower. Without water, the snow whips around the globe and looks like a blizzard. They were 9.99 each. They also had 2 stocking hangers. These figurines have a snowglobe on them as well as a picture frame and the hanger can be pushed into the base when not being used. I could only find a picture of the Tinker Bell one, the other has 3 princesses on it all dressed in gold.
They also had a large variety of the squishable bubble globes. Each one is 3.95. They each light up 3 different colors and have a hanger on the top so you can use them as ornaments. The only one I bought today was a Donald bubble globe. I have no idea if all walmarts carry these items or not.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Great Disney Snowglobe Ideas

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd really like to see a snowglobe of the Main Street Electrical Parade and also a series based on the great Disney Afternoon shows. Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Talespin, Goof Troop, Bonkers. Well ok maybe not Bonkers.

Mouskavision - now showing Pete's Dragon

and speaking of Pete's Dragon. It's been far too long since I last saw it, so I decided to see if there were any clips on youtube. There were of course and now you can watch them in beautiful Mouskavision right here on this blog.

No Disney Snowglobes

I realized today that there are several Disney films that I have not found any snowglobes for. If you own or have seen any sort of snowglobe for the following films, please let me know.
Advs of Ichabod and Mr Toad (wouldnt a headless horseman and Ichabod globe be cool?)
The Sword in the Stone
Robin Hood
The Black Cauldron
The Great Mouse Detective
Oliver & Company
The Emperors New Groove
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Treasure Planet
Pete's Dragon
A few characters from some of these films have shown up on what I classify as group globes that use characters from more then one film, but as far as I know have not had a globe devoted to the actual film.

Disney Snowglobes - UK debuts new limited editions

The Disney Uk website has two new limited edition snowglobes. Both are limited to 2000. One features The Hunchback of Notre Dame characters and the other showcases the Rescuers cast.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

New Blog Started for Disney Snowglobes

I don't know about you but I have a hard time remembering which Disney snowglobes are in the Top Ten, especially after I've posted a few updates. Rather then having to repost the entire list once in awhile, I've started a new blog that is just the top ten list. In the future as I post updates here, that blog will be changed to reflect the current top ten. Here is the new blog address: http://toptendisneysnowglobes.blogspot.com/
There is also a link in the My Favorites Links section in the right column in case you ever feel the need to review the Top Ten Most Valuable Disney Snowglobes.

Disney Snowglobe - Another Top Ten Update

This Lilo & Stitch globe is a limited edition of 500 from Disney Auctions. It sold for $310.00 which puts it into the #8 spot. It knocks Song of the South out of the Top Ten and a globe now has to sell for $255.75 to make it onto the list.

Disney Snowglobe - Top 10 Update

I'm currently going through the closed ebay auctions for Disney snowglobes. Although I am no longer recording prices for every globe, I am keeping an eye on any high prices I see in order to keep my list of Top Ten Most Valuable Disney Snowglobes up to date. This Christmas globe from Radko recently sold for $350 australian dollars which works out to about $312.73 in American dollars. That puts it at #8 on the top ten list knocking off the 20,000 Leagues globe that was at #10. A globe now has to sell for $245.85 just to make the list.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book Progress

Well, the truth is there hasn't been a whole lot of progress made on the creation of the book. Keeping up with the ebay values has been taking up almost every minute I have for working on the book and my work schedule doesn't look like it will be getting any better to allow me more free time as I had hoped. The solution seems to be for me to just not track any values at all for the time being. That way I can concentrate on the guts of the book by finishing scanning my Disney catalogs and obtaining globes to take pictures of and so forth. Then, eventually, when I have completed or almost completed the rest of the book, I will have time to track auction prices again. Sounds like a plan. Hope it works.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Disney Snowglobe: It's new sort of

This new globe on DisneyShopping.com is just like the old version except the basic overall coloring has been changed to white from the previous blue.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bubble Globes

It occurs to me that one possible reason for the existence of the bubble globes with a rubbery gel like globe is that its a licensing issue. If they wer more of a traditional globe they may have been covered by an existing license and the bubble globe was created to get around that since its more of a childs novelty then an actual snowglobe. Just a theory.

Disney Snowglobes - Meet the Robinsons

Back in March, Meet the Robinsons first came out in theatres and based on the commercials and trailer decided I did not want to see it. I did ending up seeing it however and it is a fine film. Not one of Disney's greatest like Lion King or Finding Nemo but certainly not one of the worst either. What did surprise me was the lack of merchandise available and not a snowglobe in sight. I have recently recieved in trade, two small bubble globes for the film that were available at the Disney Store for $5.50 each. They are the type that are plastic with a globe that is made out of a rubbery, gel type substance. This is the first time I've seen globes of this type in person. I like them but don't really understand the point of making them this way instead of with glass or hard plastic. It cant be a safety issue, since a child could easily bite these things open and it doesn't seem as if it would be a cost issue either. Anyone know anything about the origins of this type of globe? Is it popular in some other country and the style is just now being seen here? I hope to get some more of these at Walgreens this week. I saw some Christmas ones in sundays ad for $2. I have never seen these Meet the Robinsons globes on ebay.
I am featuring these globes here because I feel they may be somewhat rare but also because Meet the Robinsons is coming out on DVD on October 23rd. Amazon has it for $16.99, you can preorder it right now and if you add a purchase that puts your total at $25 or above you can get free shipping. As your 2nd choice, I would strongly reccommend that you get the Rataoulle movie. Its another film that looked stupid in the trailers and commercials but this one turned out to be my favorite movie of the year. Disney seems to have a real problem coming up with advertising that properly represents the feel of their animation films. I also have Meet the Robinson clips featured on Mouskavision this week.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bernard & Bianca escape giant cat

Sorry there has been no news to report lately. I thought you might like to see this picture I took today of my cat Snowball with my new Rescuers snowglobe.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Disney Snowglobes - Top Ten Update

This disney snowglobe of Peter Pan's Neverland was from Disney Auctions and is a limited edition of 500. It recently sold for $463.00 earning it the #4 spot in my most valuable snowglobe list. A globe has to now sell for at least $234.00 just to make it onto the list.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Amazon Links

Ok, I think I've got the Amazon.com links set the way I want them. The slideshow at the top of the sidebar will take you to the individual products featured. I've also created an Amazon store which you can find with a link at the bottom of the page and it is also a link listed under My Favorite Links. In the store there is a section for snowglobes, Disney Comics, Enchanted and Disneyana. Snowglobes is the biggest section with a wide array of snowglobes offered. Many are not Disney but most are comic or movie related. The Disney Comics section features only books I personally reccommend and has the very best from the world of Disney Comics. Enchanted products are starting to become available and Disneyana is mostly books or magazines on the subject.

A Trip to Disney

I visited the Studios at Walt Disney World today and despite searching all the gift shops could not come up with a new globe I wasn't allready aware of. I got a kick out of watching the new Jedi Training Academy show. Pretty much the same show but on a new stage. I also go to see the gangster scene in the Great Movie Ride which I haven't seen in a very long time. The two drivers during the ride were excellent and that can really make a difference on the quality of the experience. I'm hoping the new pixar 3D attraction is good. I don't have real high hopes for it since I'm not a big fan of the Buzz Lightyear attraction at Magic Kingdom but it's been a long time since the Studios has added anything that was really great. I took some video of the parade that I was going to post here but I've been waiting for over a half hour and it still hasn't finished uploading so the heck with it. Instead click on Mouskavision to play videos of the Toy Story Zoetrope that is currently on display at California Adventure.

Amazon links

You may have noticed that I am experimenting with some Amazon links to try and generate a little revenue from this site. I had a slideshow of products on the right sidebar for a little while but decided I didn't like the way it looked there and thought the constant movement was distracting from reading the posts. Currently at the very bottom of the blog, I have a window that has a few products fading in and out. I'd like something along these lines but small enough to fit into the right sidebar. I'll probably keep experimenting so things may look a little odd now and then during your visit.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Top Ten Update - Epcot Snowglobe

The Epcot globe I was talking about a few posts back that sold for $426 has sold again. This time for $526.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Disney Snowglobe - Mickey's Nightmare

This snowglobe has showed up on the Disney Store section of DisneyShopping.com. This is one of those figurine sculptures with multiple small globes on it. In my opinion, this one would look better without the globes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Disney Snowglobe UK: Mickey n Minnie Christmas

This disney snowglobe appeared on the Disney Store UK today. Mickey and Minnie kissing under the mistletoe.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Disney Snowglobe - Top Ten List Update

Same as the last post except its a different globe featuring Figment and it sold for $315 which earns it the #5 spot. Here is the closed auction.

Disney Snowglobes - Top Ten Update

An Epcot globe I haven't seen before came into my list of Top Ten most valuable Disney snowglobes today. You can click on this sentence to go to the closed ebay auction. I haven't posted a picture here because the sellers auction pictures are protected and I don't want to go against the person's wishes. Many of the top prices I've recorded for various globes come from this person's buy it now prices. The globe sold for $426 including shipping which puts it in the Top Ten at the #3 spot. Isn't it cool that this happened today of all days? Well, actually the auction ended yesterday but still, pretty cool.

Limited Editions in the UK

These two snowglobes have reappeared on the Disney Store UK site and now that I read the descriptions I can understand why they vanished so quickly. They are limited editions of 2000 each and they are currently offering numbers 11-50. This probably means that the last offering was only numbers 1 through 10.

Happy Birthday EPCOT

For those of us who can't be at Epcot this morning for the rededication ceremonies, Mouskavision presents one of the original dedication ceremonies from 25 years ago. Click on the screen captures to the right and it will play at the top of the blog.