Saturday, December 15, 2007

Disney Snowglobes arrive

I returned home tonight after work to find my new Disney Snowglobes waiting for me. The Pirates one had a broken hinge but I can easily fix that which to me is easier then going through the hassle of sending it back. The Pecos Bill one is absolutely wonderful and Disney's picture on their website does not do it justice at all. I thought this one arrived broken as well because the wind mechanism wouldn't work (you wind it by turning the globe itself) but after turning it upsde down to check for a wind knob it started working properly.

I just did my daily check of the UK Disney Store site to find they have a new arrival as well. I didn't expect to see any more Christmas globes this year figuring they would allready have been available but I guess technically it is a winter globe of Mickey and Minnie sledding.

I also saw a new arrival at Walt Disney World today. There was only 1 on the shelf of a new Tinkerbell mini but I didn't have my camera with me and there are none on ebay yet for me to borrow/steal. I'll take my camera tomorrow and with a little luck should have a picture for you.

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