Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ariel's First Snowglobe?

This Little Mermaid snowglobe closed on ebay recently. I'd seen one of these on there before but wasn't quite sure if it was a Disney item or not. This recent auction reveals it was made by applause which would seem to indicate it was real. Applause is mostly known for ceramic mugs and plastic items like keychains and pvc figures. I don't recall ever hearing of them making snowglobes. I believe this is probably a real Disney licensed item and if it is, it is almost certainly the very first little mermaid snowglobe.


Anonymous said...

Yes that's the first TLM snowglobe.

I read somewhere that they made this snowglobe even before the release of the movie.
Disney wasn't sure about TLM and if people would recognize the movie so they decided to add the "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" instead of "Under the Sea" music box. As you can see Ariel doesn’t even look like Ariel

I had that Snowglobe…. unfortunately I broke it a few months ago. :(

zapjones said...

The slightly off model character design is what made me think at first that it may have been a fake. Both auctions I've seen have it with a "When You Wish Upon A Star" music box.

Anonymous said...

Lol that's the song! I didn't play it that often as you can see :P