Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

The new Stitch stage show in Tomorrowland at WDW started performing this week. The concept is a celebration of Galaxy Day with the host of the show contacting someone in outer space to find that Stitch has taken over the ship. The animated Stitch on screen interacts with the audience similar to Crush in Turtle Talk over at EPCOT. Eventually Stich joins the party in his Elvis costume.

The show, while not bad isn't to my tastes. I imagine the kids will have a good time. The two minor complaints I have are the fact that Stitch Encounter is right across the plaza. It's very possible that guests will experience both attractions one after the other and the storylines do not compliment each other. Both attractions start with Stich in space and then end up with him in the MK. The other is that it just never works for me when an attraction has an animated character that later becomes a walk-around character. If they were going to do it this way the Stitch screen character should have been a puppet or a filmed walk around character but then maybe the interactive technology wouldn't work.

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