Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disneyland Paris Snowglobe Update

waiting in my email this morning was this update for snowglobes at Disneyland Paris by Maurice Negenman.  Maurice has been kind enough to provide photos and details in the past when he visits the park and the time he takes out of his vacation is greatly appreciated.  If you'd like to provide information from a past or upcoming trip about interesting Disneyana at a theme park other then Walt Disney World, please leave a comment with a email address so I can contact you.  I won't publish the comment so your email address will remain confidential.
Here's what Maurice had to say:

It has been a long time, but last weekend I was in DLRP after 1,5 years.

Snowglobes are becoming very rare in Paris. In most of the shops they have removed the globes. I don´t know why.
Larger globes are only available in 2 shops in the main park.
I only found 1 (!!!) new large snowglobe, the Stitch with the ducks. 75 Euro
The rest were really old ones. Peter Pan, 2 of the remaining LE Dream Parade.. etc. You already have them.
I´ve added also a picture of some smaller ones.
Small Stich, blue and purple... 14,90 Euro
Dumbo... 19,90 Euro
Lady and the Tramp... 14,90 Euro
Alice... 24,90
The rest.... I don´t know the prices...
Next time I will take more pictures of smaller ones and try to remember all the prices. I was there for only 1 day with people who haven´t been to DLRP in the last 10 years, so I couldn´t take to much pictures and spend to much time in the shops.

Thanks again, Maurice.


Anonymous said...

i wonder who the babies playing in the water on that little mermaid globe in the top picture are ? kind of strange.


zapjones said...

Hi Steve,
What ? You never heard of the Silly Symphony cartoon called Merbabies? That globe is one end of a globe based on a parade float used at Disneyland Paris. You can see a clearer picture of it in this post:
I don't know if those are merbabies, could be cupids from Fantasia or something.

Anonymous said...

is that who they are supposed to be? i had never seen this globe before. and, it looked to be only a little mermaid globe. still , odd choice . i'll check out the other photo.


Anonymous said...

I need yr help on the weight of a snowglobe thats abt 10" x 10" x 9". Those that require batteries to run. Do u have any idea how heavy they will be. I am shipping over to the other side of the globe (from US) and if the weight is too heavy, its going to cost a bomb. Pls advise

Btw, i have been to disneyland @ paris and I must say its pretty disapointing. Even the merchandise, the quality isnt good. Especially the handmade items (globe, toys, anything with painting by hand and not machine made like magnet).

zapjones said...

about 8 pounds, maybe 9 depending on packing.
Disney items are definitely being made on the cheap these days, here in the US too.