Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disney Sneak Peeks

Compliments of Velvet comes these sneak peeks at future releases for  Interesting snowglobe concept and those bookends are just so darn cute.

Hey Velvet, Didja hear about the new resort their gonna build at WDW?  Instead of finally building Pop Century's 2nd phase, they are going to build a suites hotel with Little Mermaid being one of the featured films alongside Toy Story, Cars and Finding Nemo.


Anonymous said...

Awesomeeeeee!! Where can I find info/pics of the suites?

Thanks for the great news!

Velvet :)

zapjones said...

no pics of the suites yet. Hotel won't open until 2012. Here's an article on the Disney Parks Blog:

The new resort will be called Art of Animation resort whick seems kind of strange to me since 3 of the 4 featured films are computer animation.