Saturday, July 3, 2010


This 4th of July wekend, I thought we could take a look at some merchandise from the classic cartoon Ben and Me.  Above is the cover for Dell Four Color comic book #539 with art by Al Hubbard. Below are a set of stamps from Grenada and a Little Golden Book illustrated by Campbell Grant.  The entire Little Golden Book can be seen at this link.
This Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture was available in a release limited to the year 2003. It was sculpted by Chris Peterson and originally retailed for $99.

Ben and Me was based on a children's story by Robert Lawson that was first published in 1939.  It was Disney's first two reel shor t subject and was nominated for a academy award. 

Ben and Me was released in 1953 and featured the extremely talented cast of Sterling Holloway, Charles Ruggles, Hans Conreid, Bill Thompson & Stan Freberg.

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