Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Auction Watch - Disney Snowglobe

One of the Mary Poppins "Feed the Birds" Snowglobes has appeared on Ebay again. As you may know, if you've read my previous posts, this is the most valuable Disney Snowglobe. Nothing else even comes close to the selling price that these sell for on ebay. The current one is over $200 but it should sell for much more then that.


Anonymous said...

Is Ebay the best place to see your snow globes? We have alot of them been collecting for about 10 years and now are ready to maybe sell. I don't want to lose alot of money as we have put a lot of money into these. Please give me any ideas!!!

Rob Jones said...

I would say Ebay is where you can make the most money selling your globes but a lot will depend on what globes you have. Ebay charges some pretty hefty fees so be sure your aware of their fee structure and work the fees into your starting prices. Post clear pictures and give as much detail as possible including what song it plays what kind of "snow" it has, how tall it is etc. If you want to try selling a globe for a set price, you could try HiBidder.com It is an auction site much like ebay and is being used by people fed up with the high ebay fees. It is free to use so if the globes dont sell you dont lose anything. But it is a relatively new site and there aren't a lot of buyers. On ebay many of the higher prices I see that sell are because someone used the Buy it Now feature. If your new to ebay that feature isn't available to you. If you are new without a bunch of positive feedback your bids could suffer also. If you give me a list of some of the globes you have to sell, I'd be happy to post the price range I've seen them sell for the last few months.