Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Disney Store arrives online

I view quite a few Disney fan sites on a daily basis and I have seen no mention of this anywhere. As you probably know, The Disney Store chain is no longer run by the Disney company. Disney sold the chain to Children's Place and they have been running them and from most accounts doing a pretty good job of it. The old Disney Store website became DisneyShopping.com and the two were complete seperate entities. Now, Disney Store is holding a grand opening to herald their arrival on DisneyShopping.com. It appears that the Disney Store will have its own section on DisneyShopping just like the outlet section is sort of seperate from the rest. At this time they are not showing any new snowglobes on the site.

I wonder what this will mean as far as selection goes? Will It mean a larger selection of merchandise or will it mean less because the different segments don't want to compete? Or will DisneyShopping eventually give way to the Disney Store as the online shopping presence?

Will it mean more snowglobes or less?

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