Friday, September 5, 2008

4 new Disney Snowglobes released these 4 snowglobes today. All are good. I guess Stitch is my favorite even though I'm not a big fan of the character.


Lexy1224 said...

I went to Walgreens today looking for any Halloween snowglobes and I found the Easter snowglobes you posted about back in Feb. I thought it was pretty weird. They had three of the four you pictured (Mickey was missing). They already starting putting up Halloween decorations, but no snowglobes. Have you seen any yet?

zapjones said...

not yet. I stopped earlier this week and they had an aisle cleared to put the halloween stuff in but nothing was up yet. It's still a little early. I keep thinking its closer then it really is because of all the halloween decorations going up at WDW. I'll check again in a couple of weeks.