Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another new Winnie the Pooh Globe

This one is also from the Disney UK site.
Here is the description: On this Winnie the Pooh Baby Midiglobe, four cuddly friends are out having fun together in Hundred Acre Wood. Piglet's on his tree swing, and with a gentle shake of the Winnie the Pooh Baby Midiglobe, glitter swirls all around him. Meanwhile, Tigger has bounded up a branch, Pooh just can't hide that big cheerful smile... and as for Eeyore, well, he's still not mislaid his tail! H15xW10cm approx. Winnie the Pooh Baby Midiglobe is exclusive to Disney Store.

Ummm. The description doesnt match the globe. Which one will buyers get?
They also now have the wrong picture on one of the globes I showed yesterday, even though it was the correct picture yesterday.

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