Monday, July 27, 2009

D23 Magazine #3 is glowing

I received my copy of the D23 Magazine in the mail today. I haven't had time for more then a quick glance through but noticed while paging through that the cover had a fuzzy feel in a certain place. Sure enough, the lettering and one of the ghosts glow in the dark! Pretty cool and totally unexpected.


David Gilson said...

Oh great news!
I will catch my own issue, but later as I live in France...
Is there a chance to tell us what is the summary content of this fall issue please (especcially concerning Disney Animation subjects) ?
Thanks a lot by advance! :)

zapjones said...

Hi David,
I haven't read the issue yet, but here's what is inside:
Adventures by Disney trip to Switzerland; Walt Disney Family Museum; Remembering Wayne Allwine; Toy Story; Ponyo; Tinker Bell; Haunted Mansion; Blue Bayou Restaurant; Snow White; Disneyland's 1959 expansion; Hall of Presidents changes; an article about when they added sound to the cartoons.
The gift this issue is a patch based on the 1959 expansion of Disneyland. It is 1 in a series of 6 but no word on how to get the other 5 in the series. Maybe they sent different patches to different people? Mine is the Submarine Voyage. Others in the series are Autopia, Monorail, Motor Boat Cruise, Matterhorn and Skyway.

David Gilson said...

Ah!!! Thank you so much for your reply Zapjones! It's very kind of you. Can't wait to get mine by mail in august then... ^^