Friday, July 31, 2009

Disney snowglobes that make you go hmmmm.

Decided to take a stroll through ebay UK today and found these two snowglobes that I've never seen before. The Dumbo one seems to be missing something, don't you think? Doesn't seem likely that Disney would produce anything with just the clowns from Dumbo on it. I'm guessing there is supposed to be a Dumbo finial on the top.
The Jasmine is interesting too. Jasmine in pink? Appears to be authentic and there is a Princess series that this would fit into very nicely but I have never seen one of Jasmine in that series but have seen the others in the series countless times on ebay. So, is it authentic? Is it an unproduced prototype?
If you have answers or a picture of the complete Dumbo snowglobe, please let me know so they can be included in the guide.


Shiera said...

The Jasmine one is indeed authentic. I've seen it on ebay for years, and she's been in pink every single time. I think she is part of the Princess series you're talking about. I believe the Aurora one looks like this:

And as a side note, there's some interesting international snowglobes here:

And here from Japan:

zapjones said...

Thanks Shiera. I suspect the Jasmine one was never available in the USA since I've never seen it listed here. and thanks for the links. Found a couple I hadn't seen before.