Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Progress Report

Scheduled posts for the snowglobe collectors guide today and those posts bring me up to over 2100 snowglobe entries.  There is an estimated 450-500 to go before I'm caught up.  No way I can make it by the end of the year but definitely should make it by the end of 2010 so values won't start being tracked until then. 

Meanwhile many thanks to the few who have taken the time to provide better info for some of the entries.  There is no way I can possibly provide info on everything personally.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

And yes, I did start yet another blog.   This is one that I won't be all that serious about until The snowglobe guide is caught up, the posts I'm doing there are easy and quick because at the moment it's just cut and paste from DisneyStore.com to make sure I capture this years information. 

I've managed to snag some overtime tomorrow and Thanksgiving week so that will go a long way in making sure my roof gets fixed and we get to have a bit of Christmas at my house.  Hope I can grab some more.  Rumor is that we may be finally going back to 4 day workweeks without losing hours and that would be fantastic.  Finally some good news at work for a change.

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