Saturday, November 14, 2009

Space Mountain reopens sort of

Space Mountain begain it's public testing / soft opening phase today so if you want to be among the first to experience the refurbished version come on down!  It is not open all the time so it is currently hit or miss.
The gift shop and arcade have also reopened though both still have some work that needs doing.  Not all of the games are operational but we did manage to get most of them working.  Some of the new games they will be receiving haven't arrived yet as well.  The new layout for the game room area is great and much more inviting then it used to be.
The gift shop I'm extremely disappointed in.  They seem to think the proper merchandise for the exit of Space Mountain is that of a trendy fashion boutique.  They did have one Space Mountain shirt that hadn't made it out to the floor yet when I left the location at 10:30am so at least they have one thing that says Space Mountain on it.  They also had Pirates of the Carribean hats.  Yes you read it right. 
Someone in merchandise obviously hasn't a clue and may even need psychiatric help!

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