Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney introduces more crap

Well, if you've read my comments on Cuties, the Princess items that looked like Bratz, Vinylmation and Mickey Monsters (I mercifully didn't bring up the ugliness that is deebees), then you probably have a good guess on how I feel about these.  I do like these slightly more then all of the above but basically to me it just seems like Disney trying to make a quick buck off of junk.  Looks like something a child might draw while trying to draw their favorite characters and for that reason maybe very small children will like them.  Maybe thats the idea.  These new things are called Pook-A-Looz.  They are 250 dollars for the set of 20.  They are 12" tall and flat.  Individually they sell for 12.50.
On the other hand there are people that are absolutely in love with vinylamtion and deebees so what do I know.
Poor Pluto seems to have his tongue stuck in his collar.  Am I supposed to think that's funny?


Anonymous said...

Haha I saw them last week at the DS store.. I thought they were dog toys haha.. just horrible :P


zapjones said...

The only good thing i can think of about this kind of stuff is that it gives me the chance to show I'm not just shilling for Disney now that I have ads on the blog.

Shawn Jackson said...

I think it's important to keep in mind that these aren't for us. Most of us here are collectors of Disney that have been doing so for some time, and are tastes have become refined and we know what we want and what we like or don't like.

These products, like the Disney vinyl toys, are aimed at younger fans, and the style of the these new plush suggest what they, the younger generation, might be looking for. If they like these, and start collecting them, then its good for Disney and insures that they will have a younger fan who might grow up and stay with Disney. And isn't that a good thing?

neko said...

I would love to buy a Jasmine one. But alas, poor Jasmine is never made for anything. I actually think they are cute (of course, being a girl and only 21 perhaps helps that). But still pretty expensive (like usual).