Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seven Dwarf's Cottage Playhouse & More

These new playhouses will be appearing on someday soon.  I saw the Mickey's Diner at the D23 expo and it is pretty cool.  They all look pretty cool but I would mention that the Seven Dwarfs cottage doesn't look like the one in the movie.  Still, it's not like that would stop a kid from having fun it it. I wonder if the windows open so they can play the witch scene.  In case you can't read the signage on that last one it is Mowgli's hut.


Anonymous said...

I want Ariel's Grotto!!! LOL


zapjones said...

Hmmm A Ariel's Grotto kiddie pool could be very cool. Captain Hook's Pirate Ship? Gepetto's workshop? Haunted Mansion? Lots of possibilities here. Guess they probably wouldn't do HM as a kids play house though:(

Anonymous said...

What will the price for this be??? That will coast a lot i think. But they look very awsome!