Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disney Snowglobes- Free Refills?

I've been thinking lately about snowglobes and how the liquid inside vanishes over time because of atmosphere and heat conditions. Many of the plastic snowdomes have refill plugs and yet the big super deluxe expensive globes do not. Why not? Doesn't seem like it would be that hard to build a tube into the base through which a syringe or something could be inserted to put more water into a globe. Or perhaps instead of the globe being whole, the finial could be a cork. Ha! I guess maybe that wouldn't work so good if you had to shake the globe but it might work on one with a blower.
Perhaps its a safety issue of some sort.
Has anyone ever experimented with a globe to try and fill it back up with liquid? Just curious. I wouldn't reccomend you try as you could end up breaking the globe. I've read about at least one person who can repair globes so it can be done if you know what your doing, I guess.


paula said...

hmmm well we've accidentally smashed 2 snowdomes recently. Sort of tennis ball sized ones. And both definitely didn't have water in them. It smelt a bit like kero, but not as strong. So I'd be guessing they don't have openers so no one drinks the liquid inside.

zapjones said...

Thanks for commenting Paula. Sorry for your snowglobe loss. Anything other then the plastic snowdomes seem to have glycerine or antifreeze in them, not just water.