Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disney Snowglobes - Nothing New

No new Disney snowglobes. The only new ones seem to be coming from other sources. Has Disney itself gotten out of the snowglobe business? There has not been a new Disney snowglobe produced since Christmas in the USA. Everything at has been overstock from the UK, remakes of old globes or from outside sources like Precious Moments or Lenox or the non-Disney run Disney Stores. Today it's being reported that Children's Place is negotiating with Disney to take back most of the stores in North America. While I think Disney should run its own stores, I haven't been very impressed with the merchandise at the parks lately so I doubt it would lead to any immediate gain in quality. I believe the last new globe at the theme parks was the small 2008 globe that was released before Christmas. Nothing for St Patricks Day. Nothing for Easter.
While this all makes it easier for me for tracking and fact compiling for my book, it sure makes for a boring blog post.


Anonymous said...

there should be new snowglobes at the disney store any time now. we work so far in advance i can' think of which ones are coming out for spring/summer, but the ones we have coming for fall/holiday are some of the best yet. wait 'til you see the roger rabbit one for fall. it's really awesome. not just because i designed some of them. the sculptors have improved and the artists doing the paint masters are amazing. make sure to check out ,sometimes doesn't pick up everything we do!


zapjones said...

Thanks for commenting, Steve. I certainly hope the Disney Stores continue to produce more globes since that seems to be the main source for new globes right now but who knows what's in store now that it seems Disney will be buying the stores back. I agree that the snowglobes you and your associates are creating are some of the best ever and I really appreciate the variety of what's being produced.