Monday, March 10, 2008

Vintage Disney Snowdomes

My recent ebay listings lead to recieving an email from Hank Millett. He has a collection of vintage Disney snowdomes and wondered if I would be interested in his help with my book. As that guy on Jack Benny used to say..."OoooHHHH Would I!!!! And so we present the first 3 pictures he has sent me. He did a wonderful job of capturing the detail in these photos.
These three were made by a company called Monogram Products who began as a Disney licensee in 1972. Since the Disney tv show was titled "The Wonderful World of Disney from 1969 to 1979 that would seem to date these domes from 1972-1979. The company still exists today as Monogram International and is still a Disney licensee. You can download their 2007 catalog here, but they apparently don't make snowdomes at this time.
It's A Small World After All Department: I used to buy things from Monogram at the company I used to work for that stocks the prize games in the Walt Disney World arcades. Many of their smaller products such as keychains can be won in the Sports Arena arcade games in the Disney arcades and other arcades around central florida.

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