Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hannah Montana now has 4 different snowglobes

Wal-Mart's Christmas department is open and they have quite a few snowglobes this year. They have 3 types of globes. They have the Gemmy waterless globes that hold pictures which I talked about awhile back. They have various princesses and Hannah Montana.
The 2nd type is the traditional glass water globe. They have Cars, Princesses and Hannah Montana.
The 3rd type are jelly globe ornaments. This year they are packaged 2 to a package. They have Cars, Princesses and Hannah Montana. Unfortunately the packaging is random within each license so if you want all the cars ornaments you may end up with extra Lightning McQueen ones. I don't know how many different ones there are but it looked like there was a Lightning McQueen in each package with the 2nd globe being a different character. The Princess ones seem to have the same problem.
I didn't buy any. I think the prices are a little high.
Hannah Montana now has 4 snowglobes.

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