Friday, October 17, 2008

Jiminy Cricket Snowglobe Sneak Peek

Coming soon to a Disney Store near you. I like this one a lot.


shawn said...

I love this one! I look forward to getting it!! Do you know when it will available?

zapjones said...

Sorry Shawn, like all the other sneak peeks I have no way of telling when they'll come out. Keep reading the blog and I'll be sure to post when it becomes available.

Anonymous said...

this one i worked on with juan ortiz. it was his design that i helped execute. he is an amazing talent that has since left us at the disney stores to do his own art. he has his own blog @ .
this is the same juan that used to have the disney store shelves blog. he posts some disney stuff on there. worth checking out.


zapjones said...

Thanks Steve, hadn't heard from Juan in awhile and am sorry to hear he's no longer at Disney.