Friday, November 7, 2008

Disney site unleashes 14 new snowglobes has made available 14 new snowglobes this morning. Haven't had time to read through them yet, but one thing I noticed while grabbing the pics is that many of the globes were designed for the Disney Stores, but are not listed as Disney Store items. Some really nice designs here.

More info from Juan Ortiz:
Some of these are mini snowglobes that I managed production of before leaving Disney Stores. Pooh, Tink, Cindy, NBC, Ariel and Mickey and Minnie are all 55mm globes and 4" high or under. Kevin and Jody concepted the Nightmare and MM snowglobes. They also provided all the paintmasters for them. The Sleeping Beauty and the WOD Radio are also Disney Store globes, but the rest actually look like DisneyShopping globes.

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