Thursday, April 9, 2009

D23 Update

Good News / Bad News Dept: Disney has now marked the D23 pins that were previously listed as sold out to temporarily sold out. Good news if you missed them. Bad news if you bought extras to cash in on ebay.
The confusion was created by Disney marking some of the pins sold out and some of the pins temporarily sold out thus creating the illusion that the Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket pins would no longer be available.
The Jiminy Cricket pin sold out in just a few hours because of the ridiculous prices that the Tinker Bell pin was getting on ebay.
Disney never said these pins were limited but the fact that they marked them as sold out was nothing but a cheap trick to draw interest in the collectors market. Normally things that are not currently available are listed as not available in small print if the item is still on the website and removed from the site if it will no longer be available. This time Disney actually altered the pictures to say sold out. There was no possible reason for this other then to draw interest when they allready knew they would be getting more.
I'm happy for the people who still have their chance to get the pins but Disney could have done that by limiting how many someone could purchase.
It would be different if the situation was an accident but it looks to me like it was arranged purposely. At the very least it was extremely poor planning on Disney's part.
D23 continues to dissapoint me. The expo in the fall better be one humdinger of a convention if they ever expect me to renew my membership.

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