Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Series 3 Disney Star Wars Action Figures

This June will see the release of the third series of Star Wars action figures with Disney characters in familiar roles.


Anonymous said...

How does one go about buying a set like this? I bet they sell out fast!

zapjones said...

series 2 is still available last time I looked so I imagine they will be around for awhile although they may sell out temporarily during star wars weekends. On the other hand, as I've stated several times, I'm perfectly willing to pick things up for the readers of my blogs. Payment by Paypal is required and remember you'll have to pay for tax and shipping. I'll probably get a set myself so picking up extras should be no problem.
Leave a comment with your name and email if you want me to get you anything and I'll be in touch. I wont publish the comment so your email will stay private.