Friday, April 30, 2010

and so it goes

As many of you have probably noticed, the Disney Snowglobe Collectors Guide has gone to mostly posting only 1 snowglobe per day.  The main thing contributing to this is the fact that I'm just plain busy doing other things.  Luckily this has coincided with the fact that I'm almost to the end of my current research.  There will still be another month or two before there isn't a post every day.  I'm almost to the first goal.  Finally.  Looks like there will be a little over 2800 globes in the guide when we reach that point.  I will still have some other sources that I need to look through for additional globes and then I hope to go through post by post and edit out mistakes and streamline a few things before eventually getting to the price guide aspect of tracking prices on ebay.  It will all progress as I have the time which I expect I will have less of in the future.

Things have been a bit slow here at this blog also as I don't have the opportunity to visit the parks at WDW anymore and the lack of interesting items appearing on the internet.  I did visit Magic Kingdom for alittle while this morning and am sad to report that there were no new snowglobes and I didn't see much else that was new that I found interesting froma collectors standpoint.

One thing that did standout was the huge wall that runs from the Pinocchio restaurant, through Fantasyland and of into Toontown somewhere.  I guess site preperation is well under way for the Fantasy Forest addition.  The tree that was the centerpiece for the Winnie the Pooh play area has been moved to the attraction side of the street but it to is behind a wall and you can't tell if it is being moved there or if it is just being stored there until later.

Don't forget, Saturday is FREE comic book day!  Take everyone you know to the local comic book shop and get your free copy of the Toy Story comic book.  If they don't have it, ask them "What were you thinking?" and settle for whatever they do have.  If they carry the Disney comics from Boom Studios, check them out.  Most of them are pretty good.

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