Monday, April 5, 2010

D-Street carrying Marvel Merchandise

Remember awhile back when I posted about Walt Disney World getting Justice League video games and saying they were Marvel games?  Fo those of you who don't know, Justice Legue is a DC Comics property which is Marvel's direct competition.  Anyway, today comes a post on the Art of Disney parks site with this picture touting Marvel merchandise available at Disneyland's D-Street.  Yes, there is some Marvel stuff here but guess what?  That's right, Batman, Superman, Bizarro, Wonder Woman are all owned by DC.  Of the shirts in this picture.  6 are DC, 4 are Marvel.  Hey Disney, if you need someone who loves Disney and comics to be a purchasing manager for this type of thing, preferably one who knows what he's doing.  Give me a call.  I'm looking for a new job anyway.  Or ask Stan Lee since he now has offices at Disney.  Bet he knows the differnece.

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