Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Thomas Kinkade Collectible Series

This looks amazing!  Available on Collectibles Today (there is a link in the right column to the site) Not a lot of description because apparently this is to new but the picture looks like it will be an incredible series.  Based on the Disney paintings of Thomas Kinkade.


Anonymous said...

not to be too critical but it might be worthwhile to start including the links to these other sites you're suggesting we check out.

zapjones said...

sorry, sometimes I'm in a hurry and I didn't really think it would be to difficult to find on your own since I stated there was a link in the right column and seeing how its in the form of a vertical ad its pretty hard to miss. The previous post for the Bradford Exchange is also located on the same collectibles today site. I did not make that clear at all. Sorry bout that and thanks for letting me know. I'll try and do better.