Saturday, September 8, 2007

8th most valuable Disney Snowglobe

#8 in our most valuable snowglobes countdown is this Disneyland globe of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We don't know a whole lat about this globe as of yet. This is the globe I mentioned a few posts back and was looking for information on it. It may be a limited edition and KB suggested in the comments that it is from the 1970's. It sold for $194.84.


snowglobe and snowdome lover said...

I was surprised to see this globe sell for nearly 200.00 on Ebay. We went to Disneyland a few times a year between 1992-1996 and the stores had literally tables full of these. It would not be an understatement to guess that at least 50,000 of this design was made, maybe more. I think you'll start seeing a lot of these put up for sale on Ebay. You're right about the early, less ornate Disney Store globes being quite valuable. Also, the early plastic snowdomes (i.e. Tinkerbell flying over the Castle), and the later Euro Disney plastic snowglobes like Hong Kong Mickey and the Lion King, are very hard to find.

zapjones said...

Sounds like you know your snowglobes, I hope you'll share your thoughts whenever you can. As I mentioned in the earlier post the ebay auction made it appear that the snowglobe might be a limited edition but the pictures were fuzzy and it also looked like it could have just been a sticker somebody typed and stuck on the bottom of the globe. Older Disneyland globes dont seem to turn up much on ebay however and it may be that thats what was driving the price.