Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Visit to EPCOT

Visited Epcot today. It was the first time I'd seen the globe without the wand towering over it. I didn't hate the wand like so many others but it is nice to see it without it again. The new Canada film was fun, I wasn't sure what to expect since Martin Short has never impressed me but I liked it. I may never see it again because you have to stand up to watch it but I liked it. The food & wine festival starts tomorrow and some of the booths were allready operating. Unfortunately I arrived right at lunch time and had a burger at the electric umbrella before heading over to world showcase and was not aware I had another option for a quick meal. The entire space between Morocco and France is being taken up by Oklahoma this year. I wasn't aware they were their own country but I'll finally get to taste buffalo. Ye-hah!
No new globes to report but I didn't look real hard either.


Nero2007 said...

Hi there! I'm a Disney fan and a snowglobe collector. I've googled in search of a Disney snowglobe fanclub when I found your blog.
I'd like to say that I agree with everything you wrote and it's a great blog!!! Congratulations!!!
Would you like to exchange ideas? I have a quite big sg collection (about 50), since it's hard for me to buy them the way Americans do. There are no Disney Stores in Latin America. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Brazilian tax for import is 60% of product+shipping + 18% in state tax. All shipping rates are more expensive than the snowglobes themselves. I mostly buy sg at Ebay and occasionally at . I surf on the net everyday to learn and discover something new about them.
My name is Sergio and I'd love to take part in your blog giving my opinion and ideas. Thanks for sharing so many pictures and info with us. Have a great weekend!!!

zapjones said...

Hi Sergio,
I'm glad you've enjoyed reading the blog. Please feel free to leave comments anytime. As you discovered, I do have it set so I have to approve comments before they post. I did that just to make sure the posts can be kept kid-friendly. Even though I don't expect I would have problems if I set it differently,I want to make sure. Wow! That Brazillian import tax is a killer!