Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Disney Snowglobes - UK arrivals

6 new globes have appeared on the Disney Store Uk site. Most have winter themes. Tinkerbell is my favorite. It seems the more I look at globes the more i appreciate a simple design done well then a huge globe with lots of characters.


Nero2007 said...

It's strange the fact that most snowglobe descriptions don't mention which tunes are played.
Don't they care much about it?
Don't you think it should be there? There are some special features not mentioned in the description. For me, the American Disney site has more detailed information and it's better to visualize the items.

zapjones said...

I think most of the smaller ones dont play music.

Kimiko said...

So adorable!! I have quite a few UK Disney snowglobes, these would've been a great addition to my collection!