Monday, May 19, 2008

Here we are again...

Well. here we are again with no snowglobes to talk about. The new Narnia film is out, haven't seen it yet, planning on seeing it this week at the Pleasure Island AMC theatre. No Narnia snowglobes in sight. Doesn't seem to be much merchandise for the new film at all. I wonder why there seems to be a long time between a film and a snowglobe for it when other merchandise seems to be available right away? It took quite awhile before the Enchanted snowglobe came out after the movie.

Here's another thing I saw on E-bay. Limited to 1000. It is just a figure, not a working doorknob. If they make a working model of these that was reasonably priced, I'd have em all over the house. This one sold for $810.

Disney should make a line of items like this that are functional. Who wouldn't want this as their front doorknob, a cogsworth clock sitting on the mantle and a Lumire candleabra on the table?

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