Sunday, May 18, 2008

I saw it on ebay

No snowglobe news again today, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the stuff that has sold on ebay recently for high prices.

This Brayton-Laguna figure of Honest John sold for $1,975.

This working model steam engine and cars that replicate the train that used to run through Fort Wilderness sold for $1,775.
This full-size Princess Bounce House sold for $2,000. Disney started letting their characters be used on Bounce Houses a few
years ago. I understand that the company that makes them had to negotiate for a very very very long time in order to convince Disney to let them.
This nicely framed bank check with Walt Disney's signature went for $2,000.
This Mickey car kiddie ride did not sell. The seller wanted $2,495 for it. I found it interesting because at one time or another I probably worked on this machine. The seller claims it was located at Fort Wilderness but I seriously doubt that information. I'm pretty sure there was never one at Fort Wilderness. It probably is the one from Wilderness Lodge or the Polynesian. It also isn't complete. Originally these all had headlights on top of the front wheel covers but that is the first thing the kids break off. At one location, poor Mickey got beheaded. A more realistic price range for a used kiddie ride is probably $400-950. Perhaps more to a Disney collector but the fact that it isn't complete would lessen the value for a serious collector if they knew it.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how much the New England First Limited Edition Collection Disney Classic Snowglobes would be worth? They are from like 1990ish. I have seen them sell individually for $10-$50 without COAs and then the one this month for $102 something. I haven't seen them sell as a set. I have all 12 original globes in great condition with both certificates of authenticity (the one for the set and the one just for the mickey as a sorcerer globe). Any thoughts as to what the whole set with COAs would be worth?

zapjones said...

I think the price range you've listed is accurate. I haven't seen them sell excessively higher or lower as a set. The $102 sale was extreme because of the white snow in the globe. Scrooge is supposed to have silver coins in the globe.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on the best way or place to sell the collection? Any thoughts on an asking price? I dont want to under or over value the collection. Thanks for your help