Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, darn. The sneak peek I posted yesterday was supposed to be todays post but I guess I pushed the wrong button.

A new poll is up. Wasn't going to post another until sunday so I could stay on the same schedule but I got nothing else today so I might as well start one. We got one more vote on the last one which brings are participation up to 13 people. Thanks to all.

Tinkerbell and her fairy friends will start appearing in the theme parks this fall as live characters. Don't really like this idea myself, since they are supposed to be the size of something you can hold in your hand but I guess that doesn't matter. Of course most of the animal characters are full size but somehow it seems ok when it is a funny animal character vs a "real" character.

Disney stock seems to be performing quite well compared to other stocks right now despite the bad economy. With Narnia and Wall-E in the wings the next couple of quarters should be good too.

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lexy1224 said...

I wasn't able to participate in the last couple of polls so here are my two cents. I have over 100 disney snowglobes and I visit your blog daily if I can.