Monday, January 26, 2009

Backstage in Tomorrowland

The stage in Tomorrowland is now a big pile of rubble. I asked a manager walking past if he knew what would be done with the space and he said that they are telling everyone that it will be additional parking for the backstage area. This is what was said in a recent Jim Hill article as well. He then added "but that's not true" and indicated it will probably be used temporarily for parking and then he walked away.
I have no idea if he knows or if he just has similar thoughts to mine. The hourly employees seem to think that it had to be torn down because it was so old and termite infested but they just got done performing the Christmas show and I was up inside the back of the stage in the fall and it seemed fine to me.
Another area in Tomorrowland is also under construction of some sort. The open area where they normally set up the temporary stage that they sometimes use and where the High School Musical show was originally performed before it moved to the Studios is also all walled up and it includes the area between Carousel of Progress and the old Skyway building. The bathrooms on the bottom floor are still open but most of the 2nd floor is also covered up.
All this plus the fact that Space Mountain is going down in April and will stay down until november or so leads to all kinds of wild speculation.
One fact I do know that was announced in the Eyes and Ears is that there is some kind of stage show going into Tomorrowland that will feature an interactive Stitch on a big screen.

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