Wednesday, January 21, 2009

terrorists have hijacked my computer

Well, looks like I'll be inactive for a few days while I combat a hijacker program on my computer. This is a strange one because it allows me to still function and go where I want on the internet if I know where I am going but if I use a search engine it hijacks me to somewhere other then where I wanted to go. It has also shut down my avg program, I cant reset to an earlier time and basically won't allow me to do anything that might enable me to get rid of it. The only choice seems to be to try to reset the computer back to its original settings and lose all my files and work in the progress.
But since the computer still functions I can put all that on discs before the restore but because I have so much it is going to take a couple days before I can actually do the reset. I guess its time to buy an external hard drive so I wont take the chance of losing all my information including the snowglobe stuff.
Didn't think I needed to do that because absolutely nothing has ever gotten through avg before but some of my friends have been having problems lately too with avg shutting down and then viruses getting in.
The collectors guide has posts scheduled for several days so you wont see any difference there, just letting you know in case I become unavailable for a little while.

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