Monday, January 5, 2009

Fill in the Blanks

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog. Work is a bit hectic as we recover from the holiday crowds and I avoid the parks during the holidays because of the crowds. That should start to change this week and I'll have the opportunity to take some pics.

Meanwhile, I hope your enjoying whats going on at the Collectors Guide. I've managed to be posting at least 5 globes a day since the January 1st explosion of 50 globes and I think that's doing pretty well.

As you go through the Collectors Guide, if you see a snowglobe you actually own, please take a moment to verify the information. We all want the info to be as correct as possible and some of it comes from ebay which may not be the most reliable source for sizes and so forth. A lot of the entries have empty spots for type of snow. We also need back views on almost everything and side views if it is a snowglobe that is intricate enough to warrant it. Eventually we will be needing some front views as well since I have lots and lots of pics that are crappy ones from ebay but it is the only pic I have available.

All help and comments are welcomed and appreciated. We should have over 500 globes documented in the Collectors Guide by the end of the month and that's only beginning to scratch the surface. It's very gratifying to see all this hard work in a format that people can use.

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