Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Disney Snowglobes in the UK

5 new Disney Snowglobeshave appeared on the Disney Store UK website. Sorry for the lousy pics but that's the best I can get off the site. If anyone purchases these and would like to share pics for the Collectors Guide please let me know.


Kayos said...

I have the Pinocchio and Cars UK if you want i can do a photo for you all if you tell me where to send to.


zapjones said...

Hi Kayos,
Actually since I made this post, we've discovered a way to get good photos from the website as you will see on the Collectors Guide site when those entries are posted. If you have other UK globes that are not currently available on the site, I'd love to see pics of them. I don't want to post my email publicly for obvious reasons but any comment you leave here has to be approved by me before it is made public. If you post your email here, I will get the message but won't approve it so it will not be publicly displayed. Then, I can send my email to you. Or some people prefer to post their pics online somewhere and then send me the link.
Anyway you prefer is fine with me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for the offer.