Wednesday, March 25, 2009

D23 Fails to Impress

I joined D23 and so far have received my membership card and welcome gift. The membership card came in a folded slick mailer and wasn't in a envelope. It came mutilated and ripped up. Luckily my card was still intact. Sending it like this instead of in an envelope was just plain stupid on Disney's part.
My welcome gift arrived today and turns out to be a lithograph of a painting of Mickey Mouse. I was hoping for something a heck of a lot better then this.
I have not yet received the magazine and consider what I have recieved thus far to be of little value.
Is Walt Disney World even participating? A merchandise event was held at Disneyland. Promotional buttons were given away at Disneyland. Stock holders at the annual gathering were given a promotional pin. I'm a stock holder but apparently you had to be at the meeting in California to get one. Walt Disney World hads done nothing so far as I know. People who aren't members have recieved items more interesting then what I've received as a charter member. The D23 Expo will be held in California for the next 4 years. Seems D23 doesn't think much of us easterners.
This club could be really cool and will hopefully grow into something worthwhile but it should have been worthwhile from the start.

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