Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walt Disney World's New Snowdome Line

In addition to the 2009 and "What Will You Celebrate" snowdomes I showed in a previous post, I found these today in the World of Disney Store. Each sells for $6.95 and has a drain/fill plug.
I'm happy to see this as a line and hope it will continue, although I'm not real thrilled with the design choices. I did purchase the Castle and Pirates ones but have never cared for stylized version of the characters so had to pass on Cuties and the Princesses, Not real thrilled with the Pirate character either but the rest of the design I liked. Mickey and Minnie are ok but too touristy for my taste since I live here.
The Cinderella Castle one with Tinker Bell is pretty neat. You can't see it in the pic but Tink is on seperate plastic then the castle so it gives her a kind of 3D quality much like a multiplane camera is used in animation.
I hope to see this line continue with special event domes and domes based on attractions and animated features.


Anonymous said...

Does Disney ever sell these types of WDW snowdomes online or in the chain stores? Or are they always exclusive to the gift shops in the parks?

zapjones said...

I've seen similar ones in the tourist sections of area wal-marts and gift shops but these are the first I've seen that were on property. It's possible that the stores or online might start selling them. As far as I know right now they do not. As always, if anyone wants me to pick up a snowglobe for them I'd be happy too. Payment through paypal is required and you need to reimburse me for the cost tax and shipping.