Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D23 thoughts

Well I got home and have spent the last couple of hours viewing what D23 has to offer and I know your all just dying to hear my thoughts so here we go...

I dunno.

Things I like:

  • Convention/ Disney Expo! Yay conventions are back!

  • Disney produced fan magazine! Yay Disney Magazine is back!

  • Comic strips on the website! Yay I'm a comics fan!

Nagging Doubts Department:

It sounds like it could evolve into something pretty special but... It costs $74.95 to be a member and for those $75 Disney Dollars you get a membership card, a certificate, a subscription to the magazine and the right to spend more money on events and merchandise. Oh. And a welcome gift that they dont tell you what it is.

The only real item of value that we know what it is is the magazine. But you can buy the magazine without being a member of the club. You can also go to the convention without being a member of the club and the price for attending is (surprise!) reasonable.

Still the price of 4 magazines and the discounted savings for attending the 4 days of the convention add up to more then the membership so I guess I will probably be joining and be taking my vacation to attend the expo.

I'm a bit disappointed because it feels like Disney is just rebranding some things they've done before and it feels like I'm being asked to pay for the right to be a Disney fan without receiving much in return and what I do get I could get even if I wasn't a member.

I'll wait awhile before I join. I'm sure some other blogger will join and then I can see what the gift is and hopefully feel better about joining.

Questions: Can I buy additional discounted expo tickets or only one? There really isn't any point in the same household having more then 1 membership. Do discounts on DisneyShopping.com work on the exclusive merchandise or even on the membership?

The ability and setup is there for this whole concept to turn into something very special but I don't feel it's quite there yet.

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