Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Disney Store Snowglobes

Velvet sent in these pics she recently took at a Disney Store. I really like the Snow White one.
Here's a closer look at Ariel from an ebay auction.


Juan said...

All designed by the talented Steve Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Great snowglobes; I'll have to check these out.

So, is that a new NBX Big Fig of Sally just off to the right? Did Velvet by any chance catch any shots of this?


zapjones said...

Not a big figure. It's the double bubble snowglobe that is currently on

zapjones said...

Hey Juan,
Was looking through your website today and came across the Mickey as Marvel Comics Thor drawings. Fun stuff!

Juan said...

Thanks. That's what I would draw to warm up, while working at DCP.

By any chance, have you seen some of the new Pinocchio stuff over at Disneyshopping?

Steve Thompson and Pedro Astudillo designed most of it and Kevin and Jody provided the paintmasters. Nice stuff.

zapjones said...

Yes I have. I almost purchased the clock but unfortunately its too pricey for me right now.