Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disney Comics

No new snowglobe news so I guess I'll talk about the upcoming comics some more.

Seems the superhero and wizards series that will be published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories and Mickey Mouse and Friends are series that were created in Italy. They are ongoing series that will fill the titles for some time. the fan community doesn't seem to care for either series much according to what I've been reading in the fan forums. I do like this artwork for the covers of the first issue of the wizards story so maybe it won't be too bad.
It's a shame, Boom doesn't seem to want to bring new american made stories to the titles like they did for the Pixar and Muppet lines. In a interview with announcing these two series, Boom Studios publisher, Ross Richie seems to contradict himself:
Richie said that Boom’s immediate plan for the license is to start telling new stories, much like they have done with The Incredibles, Cars, The Muppets and others. “The Gemstone material that was being printed most recently are some of the greatest comics in the world – you’re talking about Carl Barks and Don Rosa and all these incredible creators, but what we’re going to be doing is branching off and going in a completely different direction,” Richie told Newsarama. “We’re going to start to approach the Mickey and Donald material from a completely different direction, and we’re going to try to have something that at the same time is less the ‘greatest hits’ reprints and more dovetails into what the Boom Kids stuff is, which is sort of an add to and extension of, modern presence creative take on these classic characters that I think can connect with kids today.”
These are not new stories but a translation of italian comic books that were published a couple of years ago. This is the same sort of thing that Gemstone was publishing besides the classic stories by Barks, Rosa and Gottfredson, yet judging by the above you have to wonder if they were even familiar with what was being published.
Ah well, at least I can read the classic Mickey strips on D23 (when they aren't censored).

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