Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disney Pins 10th Anniversary

Today is the last and public day of this years Pin Celebration at EPCOT. I did not attend and I don't usually cover pins because they are covered so well by so many more qualified then I. This year, however there seems to be a definite lack of information being provided since Dizpins no longer provides news coverage.

Because of that, I will probably start providing more pin coverage when I have the opportunity.

Next year's event (rumored for august 2010 but not confirmed yet) will be Trade City USA and will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Disney Pin trading.
There will also be quite a few D23 pins available at the Expo in september. Some will be exclusives for members and some won't. The pics I have seen on the Dizpin boards look like they will be quite nice. That makes me happy. I quit collecting pins some time ago because I didn't feel the price increases were worth the product. Designs I've liked recently have been few and far between.

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