Friday, June 26, 2009

On Vacation

My brother and his family came down to florida for the past week and we've been doing the parks. That's why I haven't been posting but now I'm back (and tired!)

While I was gone, the news was announced that (as I predicted) Boom Studios has gained the rights to the classic Disney comics. My elation was quickly deflated however, when I read the solicitations for their first issues:

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #699(W) Riccardo Secchi (A) Stefano TurconiOne of the longest-lived, greatest comics in history comes to BOOM! Studios! A direct market event — the title that was host to Walt Disney's most cherished characters that helped build a decades-spanning global empire, originally launched in 1942, has come to BOOM! Kids! Ever wondered what would happen when all the superheroes of the Disney comics universe star in an epic clash against all the super villains with the fate of the world at stake? Join The Duck Avenger, Super Goofy, and the man himself Mickey Mouse for an all-new team of heroes, an all-new era in Disney publishing! (C: 0-0-1)24pgs, FC SRP: $2.99

MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #296(W) Stefano Ambrosio (A) Lorenzo PastrovicchioFirst BOOM! Kids issue! One of the longest-lived, most-successful comic book series in the industry's history comes to BOOM! and brings a little magic — presenting Wizards of Mickey! Student of the great wizard Grandalf, Mickey Mouse hails from the humble village of Miceland. Allying himself with Donald Duck and his pet dragon named Fafnir, and team mate Goofy, Mickey's come to the great tournament to get his revenge on Peg Leg Pete, who has stolen the Rain Crystal from Miceland! Join Mickey Mouse and his friends on an epic tale of magic and wonder! (C: 0-0-1)SC, 24pgs, FC SRP: $2.99

Sounds like more of the same thing that has killed every Disney comics license since the gold key/whitman days.

I can only hope that this is just filler until they can find creators capable of understanding and creating adventure stories that work for the Disney characters. The gimmick stories of watered down fantasy, science fiction and super heroics do not work. Kids are intelligent and if they want to read stories of those types, they will read the real thing.

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