Thursday, June 7, 2007

Disney Snowglobe - Sorcerer Mickey

This is one of my favorites of the current crop of snowglobes. It has a blower and inside along witht he glitter, foil stars and foil moons are toy icons from the parks that go whipping around the globe when the blower is on. The whole effect makes it look like Mickey might really be conjuring up something. This is a large globe that sells for $85. I purchased one and it is currently on ebay. Click here to see the auction. I prefer over ebay but their just aren't very many buyers there yet. If it sells (and my mom is hoping it doesn't so she can keep it) I will be putting a letter in with the globe urging the buyer to check out . I'm also hoping that putting the auctions on ebay will drive more traffic here to this blog.

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