Sunday, June 10, 2007

not a snowglobe - Disney Dragonkind

Came across this on the internet and remembered reading a product announcement sometime last year but never saw the finished product or realized they were available.

GentleGiant Studios has created a line of Disney figurines based on different Dragons from the Disney films. I'm usually against new styles for classic Disney characters. That Bratz style princess look? Ugh! Cuties? Double Ugh! No thanks, please keep your cutie cooties to yourself! That said, however, I really like dragon statues. Always have. Always will. So while I dont like the idea that these are reimagined disney characters, I do like the statues themselves. At $300 a dragon, I wont be buying them but they are still fun to look at. I am not aware of anywhere on Walt Disney World property where these can be seen, which is a shame. Seems like they'd have them on display somewhere.

The beast pictured is Mushu from Mulan. There are two others in the series Elliott from Pete's Dragon and Maleificent from Sleeping Beauty. Each one is limited to 1000. Click on the link to see more, there are also brief descriptions of each dragon's back story.

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