Friday, October 5, 2007

Disney Snowglobe - Mickey's Nightmare

This snowglobe has showed up on the Disney Store section of This is one of those figurine sculptures with multiple small globes on it. In my opinion, this one would look better without the globes.


Nero2007 said...

I don't know if this is the right place for posting this comment. It's something I noticed about snowglobe airbubbles. Most of them are formed when the snowglobes are shaken upside down. That's why Disney associated them to trips (altitudes and pressure may help).
In a box, carriers don't know if it's been carried upside down. Blowers may be made to help it and most of new snowglobes don't have the buttons underneath. I've shaken 2 snowglobes upside down to see the glitter moves and small bubbles were formed.
I also noticed they are more common in snowglobes which are animated inside the globe. The movement is more prone to have an airbubble, at least with the ones I have.

zapjones said...

Those are interesting observations. All I can add is that snowglobes shouldn't be displayed where there is extra light or heat such as by a window or outside doorway. Over time it creates a much larger air bubble then would normally form and yes I can confirm this from personal experience. Also, I've noticed that in the last year or so, I never see globes with air bubbles on display at Walt Disney World. Used to be some of them would have the air bubbles allready at the store and you would have to look them over but its been quite awhile since I've seen any with an air bubble that were new.