Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Disney Snowglobes - Meet the Robinsons

Back in March, Meet the Robinsons first came out in theatres and based on the commercials and trailer decided I did not want to see it. I did ending up seeing it however and it is a fine film. Not one of Disney's greatest like Lion King or Finding Nemo but certainly not one of the worst either. What did surprise me was the lack of merchandise available and not a snowglobe in sight. I have recently recieved in trade, two small bubble globes for the film that were available at the Disney Store for $5.50 each. They are the type that are plastic with a globe that is made out of a rubbery, gel type substance. This is the first time I've seen globes of this type in person. I like them but don't really understand the point of making them this way instead of with glass or hard plastic. It cant be a safety issue, since a child could easily bite these things open and it doesn't seem as if it would be a cost issue either. Anyone know anything about the origins of this type of globe? Is it popular in some other country and the style is just now being seen here? I hope to get some more of these at Walgreens this week. I saw some Christmas ones in sundays ad for $2. I have never seen these Meet the Robinsons globes on ebay.
I am featuring these globes here because I feel they may be somewhat rare but also because Meet the Robinsons is coming out on DVD on October 23rd. Amazon has it for $16.99, you can preorder it right now and if you add a purchase that puts your total at $25 or above you can get free shipping. As your 2nd choice, I would strongly reccommend that you get the Rataoulle movie. Its another film that looked stupid in the trailers and commercials but this one turned out to be my favorite movie of the year. Disney seems to have a real problem coming up with advertising that properly represents the feel of their animation films. I also have Meet the Robinson clips featured on Mouskavision this week.

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